Fur • ry:   fûr´   (noun)
Def:  an emotionally detached teddy bear
Have you ever wanted to tell someone something that you knew would help them out in some way, but were afraid you might hurt their feelings, or that they may not like you as a result of what you would say. Well fear no more, Furry is here and you may unleash him at your will.
Furry has already helped people with bad toupees, body odor, and the ever popular person who touches himself on a much too frequent basis. In addition, Furry has been successful in helping people realize that a comb over is worse than being bald.

You can help someone today by having Furry email them an audio message and relay information that you have always wanted to tell them while staying totally anonymous!

And did we mention it is absolutely FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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